At the moment we are waiting for Gmail to authorize our application, hence Gmail API connection is not allowed. However, we can still make it work for you.

Please click here to read the article about connecting your Gmail with SMTP settings.

We will update this article and inform you when you can connect your Gmail account with Google API. Until then, please connect your account as described here.

Connecting your email sending account might be a little technical but it isn't difficult. I will explain it step by step.

Step 1: Set up a new account

To connect your first email account please got to:

Click on "Setup New Sending Account"!

Click on "Link your Gmail account"

Step 3: Login to your Gmail account

If you are already logged in to your Gmail account, simply click on the account you would like to connect, or login to your account now!

Step 4: Gmail App isn't verified

While ColdCampaigns is still in Beta ur application isn't verified by Google. Thus you need to do these 2 steps:

  1. Click on "Advanced"

  2. Click on "Go to (unsafe)"

Step 5: Configure your sending account

Please provide the following 3:

  • From name: this is the name your recipients will see as they receive your email.

  • Signature: this signature will be inserted to the bottom of the emails that you send from this account.

  • Email limit per day: This is the maximum number of emails we will send from your account every day. For Gmail you must not set this number higher than 100 per day.

All Set - You are ready to send emails

Congratulations, you have connected your mail account, you can now start sending emails with ColdCampaigns.

Having issues

Should you experience any issues with our services please contact our support team.

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