In ColdCampaigns you can create multiple email lists. You can upload your prospects in a TXT, CSV or XLSX file into ColdCampaigns.

Step 1: Create your contact list

Go to and click on "Add a new list" button!

Step 2: Name your list

Please name your list. This name will help you identify your list when creating a campaign. Your recipients will not see this.

Step 3: Select "Import from a file"

Click on "Add contacts" and select "Import from a file"

Step 4: Upload your file containing your contacts

  1. You can drag and drop your files into the blue area or you can just click the area and select your file from your computer.

  2. You must confirm you accept our Data Processing Agreement

  3. Click on "Continue to Match Fields"

Step 5: Match fields

If you have any additional columns than the email address you will have to select a label for each of them. These labels will be very important, because you will be able to insert them into your email template.

  • We have some pre-defined variable that you can chose from a dropdown

  • You can chose custom and enter any labels you want to use

  • Alternatively if you don't want to import a column you can just "skip" the import

When you selected a label / skipped all your columns you can click on "Continue"

All Set - You are ready to send emails

Congratulations, you have uploaded your list, you can now start sending emails to this list with ColdCampaigns.

Having issues

Should you experience any issues with our services please contact our support team

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