Before creating your first campaign on ColdCampaigns we recommend you:

  1. set up an email sending account

  2. create your list you would like to send emails to

In case you haven't done it yet, you can set these up during the first campaign creation.

Step 1: Create your first campaign

Go to and click on "Create your first campaign"

Step 2: Basic setup of your campaign

When creating a campaign you need to do these 3 things first:

  • name your campaign. This will help you identify your campaign. Your recipients will not see this

  • Select (or set up) your email sending account. Your campaign will be sent from this email address.

  • Select (or create) the email list you would like to send your campaign to.

Step 3: Compose your first email

Each email must contain a subject and a body (the content of your email).

You can see here any available variables from your selected email list that you can insert into your email as a variable. For example our list in the screenshot has 3 variables / labels: email, first name and age.

To inset a variable it must be placed into your email as listed above. Eg:

  • to insert the first name enter this: {first_name}

If you would like to setup a follow up email if your recipient doesn't reply please click on the "Add reply" button.

Step 4: Set up follow up emails

You can compose a follow up email just the same as we explained above. There are 2 more setting for the follow ups.

  • You can enter how many days to wait before we send a follow up after the previous email has been sent.

  • Select when to send this email. Selecting "until it receives a reply" means this follow up email will be only sent if the recipient didn't reply the previous email(s) in this campaign.

You can add further follow ups.

Step 5: campaign preferences

Finally you can change some preferences.

  1. You can select when to run your campaign. You can chose what days from what time until when to run.

  2. You can also change the timezone.

  3. Select "Track email opens" if you would like us to track if a recipient opens an email you sent.

  4. Select "Add 'Unsubscribe' option" if you would like to add an unsubscribe link to the end of your email.

All Set - Your campaign is ready to go

Congratulations, you have created your first campaign with ColdCampaigns.

Having issues

Should you experience any issues with our services please contact our support team

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