Having a clean email list is essential in email marketing.

Sending emails to bad email or risky emails can permanently damage your email sending reputation. Hence we offer a free email hygiene test for you so you hava a clear picture of your contact lists' health.

Upon testing those emails we can highlight if you have any bad or risky emails on your list. And we can remove them for a small fee.

What are bad and risky emails?

Bad emails

Bad emails are invalid email addresses, they will cause you hard bounces. You must not send emails to bad emails as they will definitely hurt your email reputation.

Risky emails

Most of risky emails are valid and can be delivered, but some of them might bounce back. They are likely to cause soft and hard bounces too, and in that case they can damage your reputation.

How to start an email list cleaning?

When you add contacts to your contact lists, you can select that you would like to receive a free email Hygiene report or not.

You can start an email Hygiene report later also.

After you uploaded your contacts, our system will analyze the quality of your list. Once the quality check is complete, a pop-up will appear and you can see the results of your list.

ColdCampaigns can clean your list from bad and risky email addresses for a really small fee. You can skip paying for email cleaning and continue to use ColdCampaigns for free. It's not mandatory to take advantage of the Hygiene report, however in this case you are taking a large risk of failing your campaign.

How can you start the Hygiene report after uploading your contacts?

Please navigate to Contacts menu, and click on the name of your desired list

After you opened that list, click on "Email Hygiene Report".

You can logout or you can close your browser, the system will inform you when the report is done and you are logged in.

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